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I am the Managing Editor of 


As a life coach, strategic interventionist, entrepreneur, wife and mother I know all too well the struggles we women face on a daily basis to live a fulfilling life. 


What is fulfilling to me may not be to you. Which is why I am dedicated to helping people find what makes their lives sing to them. What their passion is. What drives them. Who they really are, or want to be and how to get there.


Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been insatiably nosy er I mean motivated to help people.


I was known to be a tad bossy as a kid, maybe I still am just a teeny weeny bit. But now I know how to channel my "leadership skills" as I lovingly call them, into real actionable tools to help people.


I have found that most people (as I was for decades) are just stuck. Stuck on a path in life that they had not envisioned as a kid, or even as a young adult.  A path that leaves us feeling disappointed, resentful,  and sad. Sad for the loss, the death really, of our dreams.


Somehow life just keeps HAPPENING TO US.


I am determined to help people jump those tracks to a new life. One they want and can get excited about. 


Why is it that some people struggle like I did for years while others seem to zoom past all the crap and blossom, often despite the most challenging circumstances?


I am no genie in a bottle. I don't claim to have all the answers, or to never make mistakes. I screw up just like anyone else. I get scared, worried, disappointed and even angry when life hands me a shit sandwich. The difference is, now I have the tools, the resources and the ability to keep my life going in the direction I want it to and not get off in a ditch again.


My commitment is to share the best nuggets of wisdom I have learned along the way to help others keep their lives out of the ditch and on the path THEY have chosen.


If you are still reading this, thank you for spending time with me. I hope this is the beginning of something great between us. The best way to stay in touch is to sign up for our weekly newsletter.







Thanks so much for visiting with me. I look forward to connecting and sharing with you again.


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