I am an entrepreneur and coach who helps people honor their true self whether at work or at home so they can bring fulfillment into all areas of their lives.

Well, hello there. I'm Erin.  Welcome to my online home. Sometimes I do wish it was an actual place, one where we could sit down together with a hot cup of coffee and chat. Wouldn't that be great? So go ahead, pour yourself a cup of Jo or glass of wine, and settle in for a few minutes so you can get a feel for what I'm all about. 

I have owned and operated digital content creation business for 11 years. In fact, I was able to spend 10 of those years working side by side with my husband. Until I decided to help others not only chase their dreams but believe in themselves enough TO dream. It seems lately dreaming is considered reckless. Well, I call bs. Dreaming is what builds greatness...provided you act on those dreams. That is exactly what I am doing.

That decision to stop working full time on my business and to chase a new dream didn't come easily, and it took everyone around me by surprise. 

After years of helping people I knew personally, I decided it was time to help others. I was tired of seeing people give up on their dreams,  and settling for whatever life handed them.

Let's back up a little...

I served in the military as a Chinese linguist. I also lived abroad in Germany for 2 years. I am bilingual (although my Spanish is a bit rusty and I cheat using Google translate more than I care to admit lately). I majored in business and psychology in college and used those skills to build an incredible small business with a team from across the globe. Those relationships are invaluable not only to me personally, but they have made me a better boss, a better person, and a better coach.


Because of my diverse and comprehensive background, I feel like it sets me apart and provides a solid understanding of all that I do. I am a natural born leader, or as my siblings call it, bossy.  My natural ability to make things happen, to maximize resources, to make people laugh, and to inspire people is what makes me different. My honest, unique and individual approach solves problems and helps people come to a new level understanding of themselves and of what IS possible in their lives. I have the proven skill and talent to influence and guide and to make real breakthroughs and create lasting change.

People are beautifully complicated and I love the challenge of helping them discover themselves.

"Who are you now?

Who have you decided to become?

Make this decision consciously.

Make it carefully.

Make it powerfully.

Then act upon it."

- Anthony Robbins

 should tell you that words like this were foreign to me for a long period of my life.  I, like most people, had grown accustomed to letting life happen to me rather than deciding the direction of my life and living each day with intent. At one point I made the decision to stop being a doormat, a people pleaser and afraid of failing and I went for it. I decided that I would rather chase my dreams every day than to end up filled with regret.  I chose to use my unique life and professional experience to make a change that would help others. And so, here we are...

Success is individually defined.

Through a series of carefully and personally structured plans, sustained, and attainable steps, I will help you overcome your false beliefs and fears, know what motivates and drives you, and create a healthy balance in both your personal and professional life in ultimately achieving your goals.